Access Control

Modern access control does so much more than just locking doors. This advanced technology will keep your
premises secure at all times, monitoring the whereabouts of individual staff members and controlling permissions in certain locations. Access control will give you peace of mind, knowing that your business and its staff, property and assets are always safe from the risk of threat.

C L Security Ltd have the vast experience and knowledge to design and install a bespoke system for the end user.
Using the range of products on the market including proximity fobs / cards swipe cards and even Biometrics. Systems range from a single door installations to major building systems Incorporating multiple doors / apartments.

  • Business benefits of access control:
  • Limit access to specific areas/premises
  • Monitor whereabouts of staff and visitors
  • Control individual user permissions
  • No more key-cutting or lock-changing!
  • Controlling access and movement in offices and factories
  • Screening access to high value retail outlets
  • Securing residential apartments
  • Tracking movements of staff and visitors within your premises
  • Controlling access to car parks, operating barriers or gates
  • Visual and audio verification of visitors (commercial or domestic)